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Grocery stores are big business. The vast majority of food they sell is grown farm from where we live by people we'll never meet. It's anonymous and its history uncertain. Why would anyone want to put that in their mouth or feed it to their children? At Urban Digs we are farmers first, and it takes one to know one. We supply families and chefs with trustworthy meat, eggs and produce grown at our farm and by other farmers we know. Our collective humanity is reflected in how our food is raised and nurtured. Be it soil or feed, we are ultimately what the vegetables and animals eat. We help people know their food so they can make informed choices that reflect their values. 

15 Minute Video

To learn more about us, what we do, what we believe in and how you can "Occupy Your Food System," watch Julia's opening talk before keynote speaker Joel Salatin at the Langley Sustainable Agriculture Foundation's event, "The Future of Food." November 8, 2014.

Julia Smith: Occupy your Food System from Julia Smith on Vimeo.




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